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Pickled on a pickle (with Hendrick’s Gin)

A path of rose petals led us to the waiting area. Fresh croissants and an assortment of pastries and colorful cookies, along with porcelain teapots, cucumbers, and red roses were spread out on tiny wooden tables

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The Diva’s rye humor

In my 20s, whiskey sounded like an old-person’s drink — a sophisticated liquid imbibed mostly by men in suits who took it in the form of a two-finger pour in a short and wide glass tumbler,

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With prices like these, you need not decide. Get one of everything.

Village Vino 4095 Adams Avenue, Kensington Village Vino Forget about a couple o’ bucks off drinks, this quaint café and retail wine shop goes all out for happy hour. From 4 to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday

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Lunch at Pacifica Del Mar

I’d only ever been to Pacifica Del Mar around sunset, most often with reservations so I could be sure to sit at one of the primo tables that are cleverly arranged so diners are half-facing each other, and

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Sips and Snaps at Lion’s Share

I may have waited over a year to check out the Lion’s Share, but I’m certainly making up for lost time. Over the past few weeks it’s been my go-to location for meeting colleagues for drinks

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Off Days are On Days at Starlite

I never saw an episode of Cheers — the show was before my time — but I get the gist, as I’ve heard the theme song. It’s a place where you can feel at home, where

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Veggies and Art at Alchemy in South Park

I had only been to Alchemy once before, a very long time ago, and it had been a so-so experience, so I just never made my way back. But after running into two people in one

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Grabbing a (Healthy?) Bite at the Mall

When I heard about a “great new healthy restaurant” from a friend who is a proponent of “cleanses,” I thought, Awesome, I’m off to spend an hour politely nibbling on an alfalfa and flaxseed dish with

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The Last Unicorns

Terri looked statuesque in a strapless gown made of glittery, sapphire-blue fabric. Katie was a pixie vixen in her black-and-silver-sequined tunic. One might have thought they were on their way to some fancy fundraiser gala rather

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Better You

As soon as the sound of David’s retching began to subside, I rushed into the bathroom to get a quick peek into the bowl beneath his crumpled frame. Before he could sit back on his haunches

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