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Film Festivals, Art Exhibitions, All the Things

I don’t even know where to start. For one, I’m super excited. I feel like the last year of hard work with next to zero pay may actually prove to have been time well spent. In

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Did You Know?

I haven’t made a big fuss about it, mostly because we continue to wear so many hats (David as an artist, me as a writer/editor, both of us as executive producers for The Artist Odyssey), but in

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Barb & Terri Rule is HERE!

Well, it took us a while, but after much discussion and planning and writing and singing and recording and illustrating and filming and editing, Terri and I have finally released our first webisode of Barb &

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Beauties and Beasts at MoPA

It was Rosa who suggested we check out the show. At first I was hesitant: I hadn’t been to MoPA in years, and the last few shows I’d seen had been all about the history of

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Tales from the Vineyard Part 3: Finally, a bit of vacation

After we returned home from the island, a few friends and family members joked that we probably needed a “vacation from our vacation.” To which I said, in a serious tone, “That was not a vacation.” Sure,

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Tales from the Vineyard Part 2: Exhibition Night

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, what sort of demon are you? Because no human I know could overcome the call of chronology. Demon or not, I’m glad you’re here. Because with all the bright lights

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Tales from the Vineyard Part 1: The Film Premiere

This story begins long before we arrived on the island of Martha’s Vineyard for the world premiere of our latest film, a documentary about artist Heather Neill. Here’s the short version: Ten years ago, for my

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David and Barbarella Join TAO

I know, I know, it’s been forever! Why don’t you call, you wonder. Where have you been, you ask. If you happen to be on Facebook, you already know bits and pieces, but regardless, I’m here

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Sweeter, funnier and kinkier than Fifty Shades of Grey

For anyone in a tizzy over the innocuous and mentally challenged Fifty Shades, allow me to direct your attention to older films that are both sweeter, funnier, and most certainly kinkier than that fan-fiction mommy porn. Personal Services (England,

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My Lips on San Diego Living!

I had a blast as a guest on San Diego Living this week. Before I get to the behind the scenes stuff, first, check out the scene itself, which is ME ON LIVE TV. During this

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