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She always knew him as “Burrito Joe,” but when she sat down for this interview, Barbarella learned that this bartender’s full name is actually Joe Canela. Bartenders are like priests, so of course we had to

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Drunk Baker

There are a lot of weird things people do when they’re inebriated. Some drunk dial (not recommended), others drunk drive (so very unbelievably uncool); some drunk smoke, some drunk kiss (or more, and stop looking at

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Bartender Battle

  I think a man ought to get drunk at least twice a year just on principle, so he won’t let himself get snotty about it. — Raymond Chandler Click Here for a full Gallery of Battle

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Bubble o’ Trouble

Driving a brand-new car feels like driving around in an open billfold with the dollars flapping by your ears as they fly out the window. — Grey Livingston I led the uniformed man around the hood

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Raising the Bar

Why don’t you slip out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini? — Robert Benchley Cocktail at Death & Co. “M and H. This must be it,” I said, stopping before an unlit gray

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40 Year Old Version

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. — Mark Twain I positioned the necklace on the table — novelty beads flaunting the number “40” with a glittery pendant

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A Diva Walks Into a Bar…

A good writer is not, per se, a good book critic. No more so than a good drunk is automatically a good bartender. — Jim Bishop There are two kinds of women: those who don’t mind

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