Behind the Lipstick

I wrote a BOOK!

And you should probably buy it.

Diva Book Ad

At Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

San Diego Living had me by one morning to talk about it, which you can see right here, hilariously misspelled name and all (ah, San Diego, stay classy).

I was also a guest on KPBS’s Midday Edition, with the lovely Maureen Cavanaugh. Here’s that podcast and transcript right here: FUN RADIO INTERVIEW

And then, I had my first BOOK SIGNING! There will be more. And readings (not only by me, but also by David). KPBS’s Beth Accomando filmed me getting ready for the big book launch party, and then did this wonderful write up and a short but awesome video.

And for fun, here are some more PICS from the launch party. Be sure to join my Inner Circle for invitations to signings and events!