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Film Festivals, Art Exhibitions, All the Things

I don’t even know where to start. For one, I’m super excited. I feel like the last year of hard work with next to zero pay may actually prove to have been time well spent. In the last year, David and I filmed and edited one feature artist documentary and two short artist documentaries.

Our feature doc, about the island artist Allen Whiting, is going to premiere at The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival! I mean, that’s insane. The lineup is… mind boggling. Our little rinky-dink film, made on a near zero budget with just the two of us filling every role from pre to post production is going to screen in the same festival as all of those other incredible, big-budget films with veteran professionals and talented crews behind them. It’s as exciting as it is surreal. And humbling. Because we are like the ants at the picnic table.

Our short film about NASA Science Illustrator and fine artist Melissa Walter, was just nominated for a San Diego Film Award! We’re actually off to see it screen in a theater this afternoon.

And our short film about the artist Alanna Airitam is going to premiere in the gorgeous theater at Museum of Photographic Arts at the end of the month (see my calendar section for more info).

I need to take a minute, to take a step back, to stop myself from stressing about “what’s next” and appreciate the fact that we MADE THESE THINGS. That needs to count for something. Okay, so I had my little moment. Let’s talk about David.

My man has images from his Book Pages Project up at the San Diego Airport right now, and it’ll be up for an entire year. I’m waiting for the artist reception so I can get some good images to share, stay tuned. And see my calendar again, because he also has a solo exhibition at Oceanside Museum of Art beginning in April (that’s up through September). He was commissioned for a very special project that I can’t announce just yet, but will very soon. In the past few months, we’ve been to Dallas (where he had a successful show), Tahoe, Los Angeles, and Sonoma. Some for work, some for fun, but if you swing it right, work is fun. Oh, and have you seen his dimples?

So, that’s us for now. We are building up our film-making business, and you can follow along with our latest on that front at Salt and Sugar Productions. I’m going to work on more regular updates, and eventually a site redesign here. If you happen upon this post, and belong to my “Inner Circle,” expect a few updates and invites via email soon. I’ve missed you!



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