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Lord of the Prize

Simon had to turn sideways in order to fit the freakish creature through the front door of my mother’s house. All the kids were in the backyard, so Simon — my sister Jane’s husband — swiftly

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Tic Tact

I leaned forward to retrieve my phone from my purse and felt a watery trickle making its way down my right nostril. I jerked my head back, sniffed mightily, and smiled a little too wide at

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Ever After, a Study on Divorce

  Divorce. There are few words I can think of that are more onerous. It seems appropriate that it begins with the letter D, just like the handful of words it reminds me of: doom, despair,

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Fancy Country Comfort at Great Maple

I liked Brian’s American Eatery, it was one of my go-to breakfast spots back when I lived within walking distance. The menu and portions were absurdly gigantic, but the service was consistently friendly and there were

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Squirrelik the Red

Dad thought I was kidding when I warned him that I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself if he lured that squirrel any closer. “David says I have a Snow White complex, but he doesn’t know

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In the News

So, a few weeks ago David and I went down to Baja for a few days, mostly to scout for arts stories to feature on Art Pulse TV, though I ended up writing a couple of

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Bistrot l’Escargot in Tijuana

Baja Med is the cool, edgy sibling of the slow food movement, and it’s reserved specifically for the foodie frontier in our own backyard. In T.J., the term is tossed more frequently than an organic spring

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Animal Encounters (Butterflies and Lions)

As I wrote about the other day, I’ve always wanted to make it to the Butterfly Jungle exhibit (only open for a few weeks every Spring) at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Well, I FINALLY

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Bat Signals

My friends Trisha and Shawn moved to San Diego (from Boston) about a year ago. But because they moved to North County, and I live close to downtown (it’s about a 40-minute drive, 20 when I’m

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The Butterflies are Coming!

There’s something magical about the idea of being besieged by brightly colored butterflies. But despite my love for all things magical, every spring I have managed to miss the exotic experience that is the San Diego

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