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Update from the Island

Relaxation is serious business. I know, because it’s some of the hardest work I’ve ever had to do, and I’m all about hard work (the mental kind, of course, I don’t like to get my hands dirty).

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Ghostly Remnants

My ten-year high-school reunion was much like a paper cut: I wondered how it had come to be, I suffered through the discomfort, and, once it was over, I was quick to forget it. David, at

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Dinner by David: Fancy-ass Snacks

On occasion, David is inspired to do something different, particularly when fellow foodie friends are coming over. On this particular night, David decided that instead of a big sit-down dinner, it would be nice to relax on the

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Tigers and Tigers and Tigers!

I got a sneak peek of the new Tiger Trail at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and it is indeed epic. Its official name is Tull Family Tiger Trail, after Thomas and Alba Tull, who donated $9 million

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Dinner by David: Chicken & Pasta

The story of this dinner begins the previous night, when David, for perhaps the second or third time in ten years, made me something I didn’t like. I tried to pretend it wasn’t terrible. But the vinegar-y

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The Shirt Off His Back

Once a week (when he’s not out of the country conducting military war games), my father volunteers as an Airport Ambassador at the San Diego airport. He loves everything about travel, and is even nosier than

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Dinner by David: Paella

Paella is usually a dish that David enjoys only at restaurants. He gravitates toward the traditional seafood-centric versions. But for a recent dinner party, David prepared a Barb-friendly version of paella at home, one with chicken,

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Sibling Soirée

It’s a rare treat for me to get to spend time with all of my sisters at once. And even rarer and more enjoyable to have all of my sisters, and all of their husbands, minus

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Old Press, New Press

This week the San Diego Press Club (for which I serve on the board as a director) hosted a cool event in partnership with the historic Dobson’s Restaurant and the 100+ year-old Spreckels Theatre. All kinds

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Dinner by David: White Fish Vera Cruz

White Fish Vera Cruz with rice and broccoli is one of our favorite, go-to dinners at home. David and I have this exact meal at least two nights a week, and we have yet to tire

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