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Beauties and Beasts at MoPA

It was Rosa who suggested we check out the show. At first I was hesitant: I hadn’t been to MoPA in years, and the last few shows I’d seen had been all about the history of

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Tales from the Vineyard Part 3: Finally, a bit of vacation

After we returned home from the island, a few friends and family members joked that we probably needed a “vacation from our vacation.” To which I said, in a serious tone, “That was not a vacation.” Sure,

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Tales from the Vineyard Part 2: Exhibition Night

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, what sort of demon are you? Because no human I know could overcome the call of chronology. Demon or not, I’m glad you’re here. Because with all the bright lights

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Better than expected at Adam’s Steak n’ Eggs

I was only going for a friend. It was her birthday, and this is where she wanted to brunch. So I was fine with it, even if the place was adjacent to the notoriously kitchy Albie’s

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Weird Aunt

“Look!” I shouted to my friend Jenny, as I pulled the boys on either side of me closer to each hip. “I manifested children.” Two older women who were passing by snickered; one of them smiled

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Bedeviled by the details

The closest San Diego comes to having a “China Town” is the stretched out expanse of cold, industrial Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa. The mile-long stretch of pedestrian-unfriendly road is home to nearly 100 Korean, Vietnamese,

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The Shirt Off His Back

Once a week (when he’s not out of the country conducting military war games), my father volunteers as an Airport Ambassador at the San Diego airport. He loves everything about travel, and is even nosier than

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Best Dim Sum in Town?

I go through dim sum phases — for about a year, Jasmine was at the top of my list. But, after so many sloppy shells in my shrimp dumplings, the smell of mildew emanating from the

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Dentists usually freak Barbarella out. She’s had issues for quite a while. But, after learning the merits of pre-medication, she chilled out enough to interview a dentist (not hers, this is the first time she met

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