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5 Questions with Barbarella


Barbarella sits down with Chef Michael Antonorsi (who, with his brother Richard, founded Chuao Chocolatier), and learns all about exotic flavors that work, and those that don’t. She even gets to taste some (as if that

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What’s the deal with acupuncture? How can causing pain relieve it? Barbarella never understood this ancient Asian practice that some of her friends swear by, so she went to an expert to learn more. By the

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What IS the difference between dog people and cat people? Barbarella asks this of Banfield Pet Hospital’s Area Chief of Staff, Veterinarian Ashley Redmond. Also, how do vets handle it when a customer would rather kill

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Divorce Lawyer

Who knew the answer to the eternal questions, “What’s the secret to a successful marriage?” would come from a divorce lawyer? From most common reasons for divorce to advice for newlyweds, who better to tell you

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Mad Scientist

Barbarella entered the lab of Mad Science of San Diego’s mad scientist Dr. Don to learn what it is he’s teaching children in those after school mad science courses. She asks if girls are smarter than

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Auto Mechanic

There’s nothing that pierce through Mike’s (third-generation owner of Smitty’s Service) cheery disposition. Despite Barbarella’s best efforts, this nice guy auto mechanic doesn’t stray from the nice, even when he’s asked about the dirt under his

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Barbarella went behind the scenes at theNAT to dish the dirt with paleontologist Christopher Plouffe. She finds out what, exactly, happens when “accidents” occur (such as artifacts falling and breaking), and then figures out why it

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Reverend (Rev Kev)

If there’s one thing Diva Barbarella is known for, it’s her irreverence. Even when she’s interviewing a reverend like Rev Kev here. Fortunately, Rev Kev can roll with the heretical punches. What language does God speak?

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She always knew him as “Burrito Joe,” but when she sat down for this interview, Barbarella learned that this bartender’s full name is actually Joe Canela. Bartenders are like priests, so of course we had to

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Lowrider Amigos

Word to the wise: do NOT try to steal one of those “Amigos” placards hanging in the back of a tricked out lowrider. Barbarella finds out why during this interview with artist and Amigos member Victor

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