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Solace in Encinitas

It was back in October, when I was in the area to be a guest on David Boylan’s KPRI radio show, Lick the Plate, that I first became aware of chef and restauranteur Matt Gordon’s North

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Izakaya Masa, Japanese Treasure in Mission Hills

Friends and foodies have been telling me forever to check out Izakaya Masa — the little Japanese restaurant with no sign that is tucked into the corner of a strip mall on Fort Stockton Drive —

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Cocktail, Cotija and Corn at Barrio Star

The few times I’ve sought out Barrio Star, I always end up in Downtown or Hillcrest because I can never remember the side street off of Fifth (it’s Nutmeg), and I’m too stubborn to map it,

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Authentic Japanese in Old Town

It’s no secret I’m a bit of a Japanophile. I caught it (yes, it’s contagious) from my man, whose affinity for Japanese aesthetics and tastes was long developed before we met. We’ve even been to Japan

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Isola – More Than Just Pizza

My latest go-to place in Little Italy for solid food and reasonably priced, good Italian wine is Isola Pizza Bar. For a little background on the place, check out what Mr. Tin Fork himself wrote back

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Grabbing a (Healthy?) Bite at the Mall

When I heard about a “great new healthy restaurant” from a friend who is a proponent of “cleanses,” I thought, Awesome, I’m off to spend an hour politely nibbling on an alfalfa and flaxseed dish with

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Ramen Quest Continues

As winter approaches in San Diego, my endless quest for the perfect bowl of ramen continues. Right now, my favorite can be found at Yakyudori (most San Diegans call it Yakitori Yakyudori, but the sign above

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Nibble & Sips at 100 Wines

I knew 100 Wines — the latest bistro to pop up in the heart of Hillcrest — was the newborn of Cohn Restaurant Group, but it wasn’t until I entered the space that I realized the

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RakiRaki Ramen

I was en route to one of my favorite lunch spots on Convoy (I’m talking about Tofu House, when I spotted RakiRaki: Ramen and Tsukemen, a new noodle joint in the very same strip mall, sharing

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Brunch at the Patio on Lamont

As we were being led to our table at the newly opened Patio on Lamont, our hostess pointed out the brickwork in one of three dining areas — the bricks had been part of Lamont Street

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