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Off Days are On Days at Starlite

I never saw an episode of Cheers — the show was before my time — but I get the gist, as I’ve heard the theme song. It’s a place where you can feel at home, where

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Playing with Chemistry

When I pulled up a stool at a tall table in Avenue 5 the other night, the first thing I noticed was how much the place had changed since I’d last been there (for dinner, with

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Does A.R. Valentien Live Up to the Hype?

“Why is a meal at one restaurant so much more expensive than a meal at another?” I asked David, as I drove us north toward A.R. Valentien. The restaurant, located at the Lodge at Torrey Pines

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Veggies and Art at Alchemy in South Park

I had only been to Alchemy once before, a very long time ago, and it had been a so-so experience, so I just never made my way back. But after running into two people in one

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Jewish Penicillin at D.Z. Akins

Last week, it was cold and rainy when I visited the KPBS studios to talk about fun events in town on Midday Edition. The station is located at San Diego State University, just an exit away

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Fancy Holiday Time at Tea Upon Chatsworth

The strong women that make up most of my family like to play at being dainty every once in a while, especially when playing “lady” means getting to enjoy tasty treats. So every now and then

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Slow Food at Saltbox

I don’t know what it is about that little strip of Fifth Avenue by the trolley tracks that keeps me away — perhaps it’s the fact that whenever I’m visiting the area, I’m in a car

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Davanti Del Mar

I live within a long walk’s distance to Davanti Little Italy, but somehow I managed to make my way almost 20 miles away to Davanti Del Mar first. Of course, I was catching a flick at

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Best Dim Sum in Town?

I go through dim sum phases — for about a year, Jasmine was at the top of my list. But, after so many sloppy shells in my shrimp dumplings, the smell of mildew emanating from the

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Cauldron of Flavor at Tofu House

The name Tofu House is mildly misleading, as this Korean restaurant on Convoy in Kearny Mesa is not fit for vegetarians. Though extra-silken tofu can be found in each boiling pot, most selections come with some

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