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Beaucoup Banchan at Grandma’s

I thought Tofu House was the only Korean boiling chili tofu pot joint in town, but this week, David proved me wrong by bringing me to Grandma’s Tofu & BBQ. David had dined there a week

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Cauldron of Flavor at Tofu House

The name Tofu House is mildly misleading, as this Korean restaurant on Convoy in Kearny Mesa is not fit for vegetarians. Though extra-silken tofu can be found in each boiling pot, most selections come with some

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Ramen Quest Continues

As winter approaches in San Diego, my endless quest for the perfect bowl of ramen continues. Right now, my favorite can be found at Yakyudori (most San Diegans call it Yakitori Yakyudori, but the sign above

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RakiRaki Ramen

I was en route to one of my favorite lunch spots on Convoy (I’m talking about Tofu House, when I spotted RakiRaki: Ramen and Tsukemen, a new noodle joint in the very same strip mall, sharing

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