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David's Sinner Dish

David’s Sinner Dish

Though I joked that I was tweeting from Heaven this morning because “God has a thing for chicks in glasses,” the truth is, I missed the rapture boat yesterday, as did all of us sinners. Seriously, I think the good Lord is just collecting species of insects we haven’t yet discovered. The rest of us are doomed to live out our days toiling here on the other side of Eden’s fence. Fortunately, we have ways of entertaining ourselves.

Yesterday, I went to my friends’ End of the World Potluck party. It was also a food competition, and David brought it, as always. He wanted that “Sinner” award, and he got it. Check out my video below to see what David made, and all of us sinners enjoying every bite of it, while a couple of Hell Hounds looked on.

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