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Scheming Diva

We sat in what Terri dubbed the “Michael section” of her living room, named for two of her pop surrealistic paintings: one depicting Michael Jackson, a large pink bubblegum bubble obscuring the bottom half of his

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Ladies night in La Jolla

My friend Kimberly is the quintessential lady — she dresses with the style and flair of a Mad Men character but speaks her mind (peppered with plenty of colorful words and ideas) like a post-modern woman. One of

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Good Smut

“Did you see the trailer for Fifty Shades of —” “Fuck, no,” I said before Kerry could finish speaking the title. Kerry laughed and nodded in support of my reaction. “My mother told me that book set women

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Dubstep Speaks to Me

I’d been mostly focused on the fish taco in my hand as my friend Ed had been expounding upon his latest lament. Something about an article he’d recently read about the changing cultural practices in another

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Ghostly Remnants

My ten-year high-school reunion was much like a paper cut: I wondered how it had come to be, I suffered through the discomfort, and, once it was over, I was quick to forget it. David, at

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Watch the Damn Movie

My trepidation intensified with each mile of freeway. I sighed in David’s direction once, twice, then sighed a third time, and he finally asked me what was up. “What if they’re talkers? Talkers are the worst,”

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Ever After, a Study on Divorce

  Divorce. There are few words I can think of that are more onerous. It seems appropriate that it begins with the letter D, just like the handful of words it reminds me of: doom, despair,

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Move On

I could feel my left eyelid twitching — subtle spasms that were most likely the result of my straining to resist rolling my eyes. I wondered if Chris could perceive the twitch; if he’d somehow determine

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Before picture phones (Cheech ,sans Chong, and Barb party)

  David sighed as I asked him to scoot out of the way a third time so I could remove another drawer from the chest by the bookshelf in the tiny office we share. “Are you

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Cheats and Liars

  “Hey, do you know a guy named Max McEvil? He dropped your name, said he might be doing some work with you.” I raised my brows as I re-read the name, which I didn’t recognize.

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