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George’s at the Cove offers a one-two punch

It often seems you can either have great food or an amazing view but not both, especially in a tourist town. The view from my seat on the patio at George’s Bar Stuffed dates in tomato

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Love and falconry

“The invitation says there will be ‘picnic blanket seating,’” I said. “What do you think that means?” I expected my sister Jenny to have a better handle than I would on wedding stuff. I may have

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Ladies night in La Jolla

My friend Kimberly is the quintessential lady — she dresses with the style and flair of a Mad Men character but speaks her mind (peppered with plenty of colorful words and ideas) like a post-modern woman. One of

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Lunch at Nine-Ten in La Jolla

When I’m in La Jolla, most often to gawk at the seals or check out the latest installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, my number one go-to spot for lunch is Nine-Ten, located at the historic Grande

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Birthday Boil

We were using the mirror on the wall to take a group selfie when Brisa, the spa director, arrived with the mimosas. Brisa handed me, Jane, and Heather our drinks and had just turned to hand

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Worldly Birds at French’s Bistro in La Jolla

At the end of a narrow walkway tucked between two shops on Girard Avenue in La Jolla is a sweet little gem of a restaurant called Finch’s Bistro and Wine Bar. Entryway to Finch’s Bistro  

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Roy Yamaguchi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine Surprises and Delights

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the medical industry from my sister Jane, who works for a massive pharmaceutical company, it’s that those people like to have meetings in restaurants — particularly in major chain

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The Marine Room: the restaurant that time forgot

The Marine Room doesn’t try to keep up with the new kids. This 70-year-old restaurant sees no need to trade in its white tablecloths for reclaimed wood; it has no interest in forgoing its soft white

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Does A.R. Valentien Live Up to the Hype?

“Why is a meal at one restaurant so much more expensive than a meal at another?” I asked David, as I drove us north toward A.R. Valentien. The restaurant, located at the Lodge at Torrey Pines

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Hot in the City

My boyfriend asked me why women think firemen are sexy, so I explained the pole theory: Men love women who slide down poles, and women love men who slide down poles. Subject dropped. — Terri Guillemets

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