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Garden party potentate

“Pastel attire is encouraged, children are not,” I read aloud. “Well, I don’t own anything pastel,” I reminded David. Secretly, I was relieved to know there wouldn’t be any kids at this party. Children — with

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Under the Sea

I stood alone in the middle of a long aisle at Party City. I looked left. The only person in sight was the young clerk behind the register. Her face was turned away from me. I

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The Last Unicorns

Terri looked statuesque in a strapless gown made of glittery, sapphire-blue fabric. Katie was a pixie vixen in her black-and-silver-sequined tunic. One might have thought they were on their way to some fancy fundraiser gala rather

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Buff Enough

It felt scandalous, my going to an Oscars party when I’d only seen one of the films nominated for Best Picture. It was a fluke I even saw the one — David and I had gotten

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Slow Food

At a mixer, one is expected to mix. But I wasn’t at this mixer for the people. Slow Food Urban San Diego was having a food-centric soiree at the Pearl, after which David and I were told we could

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Still Here?

Though I joked that I was tweeting from Heaven this morning because “God has a thing for chicks in glasses,” the truth is, I missed the rapture boat yesterday, as did all of us sinners. Seriously,

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Mayoral Maltreatment

Harmony seldom makes a headline. — Silas Bent I hadn’t set out to torture the mayor of Coronado, but things rarely turn out the way I expect. I didn’t even know Coronado had a mayor, at

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All the Naughty Girls

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. — Ralph Waldo Emerson An electronic melody toodled in the other room. Like a mob of meerkats, eight

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Bee’s Knees in the Barrio

Never be the first to arrive at a party or the last to go home, and never, ever be both. — David Brown I led David through a labyrinth of suspended fabric and into an unpopulated

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[Halloween is] overrun by grown-ups who claimed it as a holy rite in the church of perpetual adolescence. — Lawrence Downes “I want to go to the party, but I don’t want to have to dress

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