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Princess Project San Diego

Since 2007, the Princess Project San Diego has been “dressing and accessorizing financially-challenged high school girls for their proms.” I found out about the project (the original chapter of which was founded over 10 years ago

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Fun at the Fleet

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center had a little soiree to celebrate the opening of Let it Snow (which turned out to be trippy, nineties-style kaleidoscopic 3D graphics set to holiday tunes). I brought two token

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Robot Competition

In this installment of Stepping Out, Barbarella went to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center to check out the iARoC (International Autonomous Robot Competition). In the short video below, you can see footage from the event,

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Pirates in San Diego

Barbarella took her dad to Pirate Days on the Embarcadero. While there, they went on the Lost Treasure Excursion. You can see some of the pirate antics in this installment of Stepping Out with Barbarella. Important

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Ladybug Day

Every spring, the San Diego Botanic Garden hosts a Ladybug Day. Kids can make ladybug crafts and assist in the Lost Ladybug Project by searching for, temporarily capturing, and identifying species of ladybugs that get reported

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St. Pugtrick’s Day

This event was the beginning of the end. After visiting Pug Rescue of San Diego’s annual St. Patrick’s Day party for pugs, Barbarella’s sister Jane ended up adopting a pug puppy. Needless to say, her daughters

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Making Sushi

Fortunately, David was along for this one, because Barbarella doesn’t exactly “cook.” And when she does, the results are not exactly “artful.” You know, like sushi is supposed to be. This sushi class was held at

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TRASH at the New Children’s Museum

One kid’s trash is another kid’s playground! Barbarella went to check out a finger painting activity at the New Children’s Museum. Kids got messy painting a “junkyard” pink as part of the interactive TRASH exhibit. Behind

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Dr. Sketchy’s at Ruby Room

Barbarella wrote about this fun form of Life Drawing back in 2008, but it wasn’t until this event that she got to experience the fun in person. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School has a great vibe. Artists

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Barbarella scored herself a hand-made ceramic bowl from San Diego Ceramic Connection and then hit up the SoNo Park Holiday Fest and Chilipalooza, where local chefs battle for bragging rights of best chili. Vendors, musicians, and

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