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She always knew him as “Burrito Joe,” but when she sat down for this interview, Barbarella learned that this bartender’s full name is actually Joe Canela. Bartenders are like priests, so of course we had to

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Lowrider Amigos

Word to the wise: do NOT try to steal one of those “Amigos” placards hanging in the back of a tricked out lowrider. Barbarella finds out why during this interview with artist and Amigos member Victor

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Tattoo Artist

What’s the oddest request someone’s made for a tattoo? Do tattoo artists have limits? Also, will this guy let Barbarella tattoo her name on is cheek? All of these questions, and more, are addressed when the

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Legoland Master Model Builder

Gary McIntire, one of Legoland’s master model builders, shares some of his most intimate truths with Barbarella, such as what his Lego nightmares are, and how proud he is of his Lego “injury.” Fun fact: this

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War Gamer

What is wargaming? What is the most difficult situation in the middle of one? Barbarella sits down with veteran wargamer C.C. Johnson to find out the (de-classified) information he’s able to share. Fun fact: C.C. is

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Derby Dolls

Two gorgeous Derby Dolls of San Diego divulge some of their game strategy, including how they pump each other up between each match (it involves a slapping ritual). They talk about their men, their love for

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Conductor Jahja Ling

This was one of Barbarella’s first, and most memorable 5 Questions interviews. Conductor Jahja Ling is an extraordinary man, so he was extra fun to mess with (with the right amount of reverence, of course). Here

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No Photos!

Politeness is the art of choosing among one’s real thoughts. — Abel Stevens I zoomed in on a glittery globe that contained translucent swirls of pink, purple, and green. The sky was a clear, rich blue,

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