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Desert DINKs

David held a tight grip on his phone as he snapped photos out the window of our speeding Mini. “How can it be 95 degrees down here when there’s snow on top of that hill?” He

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In the News

So, a few weeks ago David and I went down to Baja for a few days, mostly to scout for arts stories to feature on Art Pulse TV, though I ended up writing a couple of

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Food Garden Cultivates Baja Med Cuisine

Declared as the “first of its kind created in Mexico,” Food Garden Gastronomic District opened just three weeks ago in Tijuana (at the corner of Blvds. Sanchez Taboada and Misión Santo Tomás). Ricardo Nevárez, the business

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The Satirical Tourist

“I need to pee again,” I said to Arturo, the man behind the steering wheel. “Didn’t you just go?” “It’s not my fault you’re a camel,” I said, defensively. “And anyway, that was over two hours

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Bistrot l’Escargot in Tijuana

Baja Med is the cool, edgy sibling of the slow food movement, and it’s reserved specifically for the foodie frontier in our own backyard. In T.J., the term is tossed more frequently than an organic spring

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Seattle Trip Roundup

This past weekend, David and I went to Seattle to celebrate David’s great-uncle Béla’s 90th birthday. And though our weekend was infused with family (some I’d met before, but most I hadn’t), we also spent some

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What the Fuss, Seattle?

David and I are flying to Seattle this week to attend his great-uncle Béla’s 90th birthday celebration. We’re only in town for a few days, and we have but one evening to spend with David’s sister

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I’ve written many stories about my visits to Japan, but here you can see a few videos that feature scenes from those voyages. I have many others that I will be posting, and I’ll put them

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Frequent Liar

We had been sitting on the tarmac in Boston for 30 minutes, ostensibly “waiting for catering.” The flight attendants were making their final rounds when the thunderstorm rolled in. By the time the dark cell passed

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Against the Current

I rearranged my legs with more force than necessary. The wooden bed-frame creaked, and I followed the note with an overtly audible adjusting of my half of the comforter, balling it up so I could prop

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