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OMG Adorbz

Josh = Adorbz

Josh = Adorbz

As with most people who hover over a computer for hours on end, I have my visual vices. Unlike dudes, who probably go straight to the porn sites (I’m not saying I don’t, just that it’s much further down on my click list), my top priority is cute, followed closely by funny. I frequently check on Cute Overload and Daily Squee. But, occasionally, a video of a toddler doing something “adorbz” will catch my eye. Things like this adorable thing, who passes out, wakes up to smile, passes out, wakes up to smile, and so on.

Today, thanks to my sister, I have a new OMG Adorbz video to watch and share, and as a bonus, it’s of my own nephew. Apparently, little Josh freaks out with delight when his daddy operates a saw. To start your week off right, enjoy this video of a little guy doing the hard work of a lovable child — being outrageously cute. Also, he’s wearing a superman costume.


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