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Hello there!  Welcome to the newly refurbished Diva Barbarella web site. I had gone the way of laziness over the past few years, complacent with Facebook Wall posts and 140-character Twitter updates. I thought I was conveying everything through my column, but those who know me best realize how much I edit myself for print.

While I’ll still continue posting funny pics, interesting news bits, and the occasional provocative pokes on my social media outlets, this place — where you are NOW — is my HOME. This is the hub for all things Barbarella. All appearances, parties, videos, podcasts, projects, articles, food reviews, columns, all unedited thoughts: everything will be here from now on. This is the place where I can truly be MYSELF. This place is safe. This place is my sanctuary. I’m deeming it so, right here, right now.

Please, get comfortable. Stay a while. Be amused. Engage. Check me out. Get to know me. I’m totally not an asshole. And you? I want to know you too. See? I’m all about symbiosis.

Things are in progress. Though I’m launching now, there are still a few corners of this site under construction, but I’m working on it, a little bit every day. Thank you for checking me out. Let’s have a drink soon. If you’re not available, that’s cool. I’ll drink for the both of us. Because I’m a giving person, that’s why.

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