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Did You Know?

I haven’t made a big fuss about it, mostly because we continue to wear so many hats (David as an artist, me as a writer/editor, both of us as executive producers for The Artist Odyssey), but in 2016, we quietly launched our own production company, called Salt & Sugar Productions. If you click through to the web site (yes, we made a web site!) then you can see our reel and learn more about what it is we do.

My eyes are rolling a bit at the cliche of what I’m about to type, but ten years ago, we never would have thought we’d be award-winning filmmakers. Yet here we are, and we’re having a blast. If you have a story you would like to be told in our unique style, by all means, hit us up and let’s talk.

Salt & Sugar at an NBC Season Premiere Party back in 2013

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