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David and Barbarella Join TAO

TAO inky logoI know, I know, it’s been forever! Why don’t you call, you wonder. Where have you been, you ask. If you happen to be on Facebook, you already know bits and pieces, but regardless, I’m here now to fill you in on all the nitty gritty that doesn’t fit into a simple little status update. Because a lot has happened in recent months.

For one, we MOVED. That’s right, David and I are back in Kensington, after a 10-year hiatus that we didn’t realize was a hiatus until we were back in the quaint neighborhood that we love so much. We are not even close to unpacking, mostly because we have much more exciting things to do. Such as… drum roll… joining The Artist Odyssey!

David and I have are now Executive Producers of The Artist Odyssey, which is an arts network that documents artists and supports arts education with beautiful cinematography and storytelling that takes viewers behind the scenes and into the studios with the artists. Remember Art Pulse TV? Of course you do. Well, The Artist Odyssey is going to be like that, only better. Like, WAY better. Because we won’t have to worry about advertisers and sponsorships, all our content is for YOU and ONLY YOU, “You” being our subscribers.

On Tuesday, April 28, we’ll launch a Kickstarter campaign with all the guts and glory of the project, and I invite you to get involved in what is, for David and me, and hopefully ALL of us, the beginning of an awesome, art-astic adventure.


Inside artist Emily Halpern’s studio



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