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Episode 1

This is the pilot episode of Art Pulse TV. The intro took us many months to make, from storyboarding to getting those letters drawn and cut (thank you, MakerPlace!) to filming to editing to commissioning and honing the music (composed by Sergio Hernandez and friends).

The first episode took us almost a year from start to finish to compile. After that, we created 19 more episodes in only 22 weeks. It was INSANE. We worked around the clock (12-15 hour days, 7 days a week) to make those episodes happen on time and under budget. This was the first television show David and I had ever produced, and making it under the extreme circumstances we were given was like TV-Land Boot Camp. We learned a LOT. You can see as the episodes progress that things got a little smoother here and there as we continued to get the hang of things. And now, ON WITH THE SHOW!

Hosted from the Prado Restaurant, San Diego, CA

Segments in this episode:
Mark Edward Adams – sculptor
Art Stalker – Marilyn Woods, Docent, San Diego Museum of Art
Dave Ghilarducci – mixed media artist & sculptor
Terri Tries It – ballet, San Diego City Ballet

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