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Dinner Party Two-Step

The people were new, but the dance was familiar. It was the same sort of structured dinner party freestyle where most of the people know only the host but not each other. Guests begin with showy

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Pocket butler

David appeared beside me in our home office, presumably having followed the sound of my curses from the other room. “What’s up?” “It’s my laptop charger,” I said. “I’ve tried it in every outlet, and it’s

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This bot sucks: Roomba, Alexa, and Siri

We have a new addition to our household. Before you get too excited, it’s not a dog. Regardless of how badly I may want a fluffy friend, David has convinced me, successfully for now, that caring

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Immobile Phone

Do you not see this light blinking?” David squealed, in the same voice he uses when impersonating Vizzini from The Princess Bride, a character best known for the line, “Inconceivable!” “No,” I shrugged. “Phone’s behind the

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