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Dick Cheese’s Audience Sucks

I pulled the car to the curb directly in front of the entrance to the House of Blues and congratulated myself for yet another punctuality coup. “The early bird gets the…nest,” I said to David with

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SYM-phony (Try to say “symphony” with a straight face)

  When Jenny asked me what I was doing later, I hesitated to answer. I knew there was no casual, comfortable way for me to say it, and this sister of mine has the quickest wit

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Dubstep Speaks to Me

I’d been mostly focused on the fish taco in my hand as my friend Ed had been expounding upon his latest lament. Something about an article he’d recently read about the changing cultural practices in another

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Barbarella – The Song

A few years ago, David and I conspired to Apple-ize my Aunt Diane and Susan (her partner for decades, whom I consider my Aunt-in-Love, if not in-law). I told Diane that everyone knows it’s much easier

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Special New Year’s Day Spreckels Organ Concert

Ever since John D. Spreckels gifted the City of San Diego with the largest outdoor pipe organ in America (almost 100 years ago), concerts at the pavilion in Balboa Park have been free to the public.

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Conductor Jahja Ling

This was one of Barbarella’s first, and most memorable 5 Questions interviews. Conductor Jahja Ling is an extraordinary man, so he was extra fun to mess with (with the right amount of reverence, of course). Here

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