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The 3rd Corner Wine Shop & Bistro

When I’m in the mood for something easy, affordable, fresh, and flavorful for lunch, I head over to the 3rd Corner Wine Shop and Bistro in Ocean Beach. On the rare occasion there’s not an available parking space

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Fancy Country Comfort at Great Maple

I liked Brian’s American Eatery, it was one of my go-to breakfast spots back when I lived within walking distance. The menu and portions were absurdly gigantic, but the service was consistently friendly and there were

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Food Garden Cultivates Baja Med Cuisine

Declared as the “first of its kind created in Mexico,” Food Garden Gastronomic District opened just three weeks ago in Tijuana (at the corner of Blvds. Sanchez Taboada and Misión Santo Tomás). Ricardo Nevárez, the business

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Seattle Trip Roundup

This past weekend, David and I went to Seattle to celebrate David’s great-uncle Béla’s 90th birthday. And though our weekend was infused with family (some I’d met before, but most I hadn’t), we also spent some

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Beaucoup Banchan at Grandma’s

I thought Tofu House was the only Korean boiling chili tofu pot joint in town, but this week, David proved me wrong by bringing me to Grandma’s Tofu & BBQ. David had dined there a week

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Jewish Penicillin at D.Z. Akins

Last week, it was cold and rainy when I visited the KPBS studios to talk about fun events in town on Midday Edition. The station is located at San Diego State University, just an exit away

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Cauldron of Flavor at Tofu House

The name Tofu House is mildly misleading, as this Korean restaurant on Convoy in Kearny Mesa is not fit for vegetarians. Though extra-silken tofu can be found in each boiling pot, most selections come with some

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Cocktail, Cotija and Corn at Barrio Star

The few times I’ve sought out Barrio Star, I always end up in Downtown or Hillcrest because I can never remember the side street off of Fifth (it’s Nutmeg), and I’m too stubborn to map it,

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Grabbing a (Healthy?) Bite at the Mall

When I heard about a “great new healthy restaurant” from a friend who is a proponent of “cleanses,” I thought, Awesome, I’m off to spend an hour politely nibbling on an alfalfa and flaxseed dish with

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Ramen Quest Continues

As winter approaches in San Diego, my endless quest for the perfect bowl of ramen continues. Right now, my favorite can be found at Yakyudori (most San Diegans call it Yakitori Yakyudori, but the sign above

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