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The Happy Intersection of Cheap and Good (Kazumi)

The words “cheap” and “high quality” are rarely found in the same sentence when referring to sushi joints. The cost of quality ingredients and the many years of training it takes to get the nigiri rice

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Izakaya Masa, Japanese Treasure in Mission Hills

Friends and foodies have been telling me forever to check out Izakaya Masa — the little Japanese restaurant with no sign that is tucked into the corner of a strip mall on Fort Stockton Drive —

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Authentic Japanese in Old Town

It’s no secret I’m a bit of a Japanophile. I caught it (yes, it’s contagious) from my man, whose affinity for Japanese aesthetics and tastes was long developed before we met. We’ve even been to Japan

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Ramen Quest Continues

As winter approaches in San Diego, my endless quest for the perfect bowl of ramen continues. Right now, my favorite can be found at Yakyudori (most San Diegans call it Yakitori Yakyudori, but the sign above

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RakiRaki Ramen

I was en route to one of my favorite lunch spots on Convoy (I’m talking about Tofu House, when I spotted RakiRaki: Ramen and Tsukemen, a new noodle joint in the very same strip mall, sharing

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Making Sushi

Fortunately, David was along for this one, because Barbarella doesn’t exactly “cook.” And when she does, the results are not exactly “artful.” You know, like sushi is supposed to be. This sushi class was held at

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The Accident Part 2

I’d been traveling for 20 hours: from Shinjuku to Narita, Narita to San Francisco, San Francisco to San Diego, and finally, the short cab ride home. Once I’d dropped my suitcase in my bedroom, I began

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The Accident Part 1

“How’s he doing, everything okay?” It was an empty question — I was sure of the answer. There was no room in my mind to consider any alternative to fine. Dad had still been in surgery when

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David followed my gaze to the green-painted humanoid statue. “Looks more like a turtle,” he said. “Turtles don’t have beaks. And look at its head – maybe it’s some kind of monk, that looks like a

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Wrecked People

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. — Dr. Seuss My jaw hung down in disbelief. New images of the cataclysm were pouring in faster than

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