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The Accident Part 2

I’d been traveling for 20 hours: from Shinjuku to Narita, Narita to San Francisco, San Francisco to San Diego, and finally, the short cab ride home. Once I’d dropped my suitcase in my bedroom, I began

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The Accident Part 1

“How’s he doing, everything okay?” It was an empty question — I was sure of the answer. There was no room in my mind to consider any alternative to fine. Dad had still been in surgery when

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I’d known about Jane’s intention to get another dog after Winston, her elderly chocolate Lab, passed away several months ago. So I’m not sure why I was surprised when she stopped by my place on her

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Shabu Shabu

  David walked into the room with a lot more flair than usual. He raised his arm high above his head and said, “Isu no ue ni dare ga imasu ka?” My sister, who was seated

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Drama Queen

  I used to ignore David when he said my family was drama, chalking it up to his family’s comparative monotony. “You’re mistaking exciting and entertaining for drama,” I’d say. That’s what I believed. But, since

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Yesterday, I couldn’t seem to keep my eyes dry. It began with the right one. Because my right eye has been leaking on and off for months, I assumed that’s what it was doing — some

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Service Situation

  “You will not believe what I just heard,” Jane said. Her brows were raised in a classic and universal WTF expression. Before I could ask, she held up a finger and said, “I’m still on

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Oh, Jane

Apparently, one of the other mothers at “drop off” — where Jane drops her daughter Bella off at school — was shocked by my sister’s two-toned hair. As Jane relays it, her friend said something along

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David gets a kick out of drawing similarities between me and my sister Jane. We both do the “happy dance” when we receive tasty food, we’re both exceptionally neurotic, and we both make a game out

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Shop of War

It is possible to be lovingly offensive. The people on all of those intervention shows know what I’m talking about — whether it’s hoarding or alcoholism that’s ruining your life, only those who really truly give

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