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Fancy Country Comfort at Great Maple

I liked Brian’s American Eatery, it was one of my go-to breakfast spots back when I lived within walking distance. The menu and portions were absurdly gigantic, but the service was consistently friendly and there were

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Saigon on Fifth (is really on University)

Finding an available parking meter in the heart of Hillcrest is like finding a stiletto in Ocean Beach. Fortunately, there’s a parking lot few people know of beneath Saigon on Fifth, which is accessed off of

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Playing with Chemistry

When I pulled up a stool at a tall table in Avenue 5 the other night, the first thing I noticed was how much the place had changed since I’d last been there (for dinner, with

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Nibble & Sips at 100 Wines

I knew 100 Wines — the latest bistro to pop up in the heart of Hillcrest — was the newborn of Cohn Restaurant Group, but it wasn’t until I entered the space that I realized the

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Dr. Sketchy’s at Ruby Room

Barbarella wrote about this fun form of Life Drawing back in 2008, but it wasn’t until this event that she got to experience the fun in person. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School has a great vibe. Artists

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Original Lady

We huddled by the frosted glass door just inside of the entrance to a man’s home we’d met only 15 minutes before. It had been Shawn’s idea to stash us two doors down. Our temporary host

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One Terrific Pig

How about “Pig Supreme?” asked one of the lambs. “No good,” said Charlotte. “It sounds like a rich dessert.” — E. B. White When my friend Sara announced the impending arrival of her new pet —

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The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign of little souls and inferior intellects. — Lord Jeffrey I struggled to maintain a deadpan expression, using what was left of my energy

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Not So Swedish

‘Rosa and Josue, this is Urs and Gudrun. Urs is Swiss and Gudrun is German, but they currently live in Sweden.” It was a long introduction, but I had to be careful so as not to

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Family Practice

As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters. — Solomon Ibn Gabirol I waited in the lobby and watched through the window as the cold rain pelted the sidewalk. I nodded in

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