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Life and Death

For most of us, death is not a daily affair. Our brains have difficulty processing the idea of our own nonexistence, and our hearts can’t stand considering the possibility of losing a loved one. Unless you’re

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Jerk ‘Em Around

I fished my Evil Hello Kitty bejeweled phone out of my purse, saw my sister’s face on the display, and answered, “Yo, we’re standing outside of Long Island Mike’s waiting for Dad, what are you up

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Die, Ralph, Die

Kevin looked more confused than surprised when he found me on his doorstep. “Are you C.C.’s chauffer?” He gestured at my father, who was standing behind me. Though I had indeed done the driving, it wasn’t

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The Accident Part 2

I’d been traveling for 20 hours: from Shinjuku to Narita, Narita to San Francisco, San Francisco to San Diego, and finally, the short cab ride home. Once I’d dropped my suitcase in my bedroom, I began

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The Accident Part 1

“How’s he doing, everything okay?” It was an empty question — I was sure of the answer. There was no room in my mind to consider any alternative to fine. Dad had still been in surgery when

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Slice of Suburbia

Suburbia can suck it. Clans isolated in their castles, moated by lawns, concrete, and cars; no decent food joint or watering hole within walking distance. It works for kids, who can frolic carefree in protected cul-de-sacs

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Dad Meets a Hero

The last thing I expected to see in my Yahoo inbox this morning was my father, who is currently in South Korea, pictured sidling up beside professional marathon eater Joey Chestnut. The subject of the email

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Just Like Dad

It’s a common question: “What’s your dad do?” It’s natural for people to inquire after another’s parents, to gather information to assist in making those assessments of others that are in our nature to make. It’s

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War Gamer

What is wargaming? What is the most difficult situation in the middle of one? Barbarella sits down with veteran wargamer C.C. Johnson to find out the (de-classified) information he’s able to share. Fun fact: C.C. is

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Potty Humor

  I looked at the device in my hand and then up at my father. “There’s no picture, it’s just all black,” I said. “I know, I know, it’s just sound. Go on, press play.” He

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