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Gladys Kravitz Syndrome

  I’ve always been a bit of a voyeur. Not in a sexual fetishy way. I just have an innate curiosity about other people and how they live their lives. Shortly after we moved into our

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Sailing on the Bay

“Take it off!” shouted the salty ex-marine at the bow of the boat. “Take it off!” “What the hell is he talking about? Are we all supposed to strip?” I asked Lou, who was manning the tiller.

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No Going Back

The unpleasant process of a short sale we began in February has finally come to an end, today, six months later. David just dropped off all of what used to be our keys (front door, storage

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Breach of Etiquette

  Of all the etiquette breaches that ruffle my feathers, none seem to knock the boa off my back with the same force as negligent guests, by which I mean those who take a cavalier attitude

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Numb and Probe

I was kidding when I tweeted, “Off to get my ‘watery eye’ checked out. Let’s hope the doc doesn’t suggest sticking a needle in my tear duct.” I never would have freaked myself out like that had I

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Dad Meets a Hero

The last thing I expected to see in my Yahoo inbox this morning was my father, who is currently in South Korea, pictured sidling up beside professional marathon eater Joey Chestnut. The subject of the email

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Take a Stand!

It’s been a full two weeks since I transitioned from sitting to standing while I work. I have to admit, despite my commitment to this occupation lifestyle change, I had my apprehensions. My reasons for switching

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Too Late

I was never so popular in my building as when I was moving out. Outside of the homeowner meetings I chaired, my conversations with 80 percent of my neighbors was limited to answering their questions about

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First-World Problems

It’s been one week and two days since David and I officially moved. I use the word “officially,” because there are still some odds and ends that need transporting. I haven’t been back to the old

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“I’d Love It.”

  I’m feeling magnanimous today, so I’m going to give a free word of advice to fledgling information peddlers and fund raisers. Okay, so it’s not actually a word — it’s an acronym, and one that

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