November 19, 2010

Moderate as Heck and Toddlers Drinking Beer

Finally, we are home, after 2 and a half weeks of collecting adventures in other cities and countries. First stop, Washington, D.C. I went to the Rally to Restore Sanity, and wrote about my experience in the crowd, in my column this week, which I called MODERATE AS HECK. And I made a video to accompany my story, which you can see right here:

While in D.C. I happened to catch another short video of an adorable little girl sneaking handfuls of her father’s beer when he wasn’t looking. This was just after the rally. See here:

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, as I’ll be celebrating with my family (2nd time with David). It’s always a fun, lax affair, and I can’t wait to take a day to relax and laugh. Oh, and eat and drink. As if I haven’t been doing enough of that. My last stop on this trip was Provence, and we pretty much did nothing BUT eating and drinking. But every morsel was a drop of gold. Expect a full photo update on that one, we took pics of every course at every meal, and of the gorgeous countryside that served as backdrop to our gastronomic ecstasy. More on that soon.

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