March 31, 2008

Time, you nasty bitch

Here lies, extinguished in his prime, / a victim of modernity: / but yesterday he hadn’t time— / and now he has eternity. — Piet Hein

Monday, waiting for a call back, hoping they call back in time, because if they don’t, I have to jump to the next subject, and all must be accomplished in a matter of two days. I have two paragraphs of my column written. Two. That’s about 20%. And what am I doing? You’re lookin’ at it. The good news is I’ve completely gutted, cleaned, organized my office. I even went through my book shelves, determining which books to keep and which will go to the library. So at least the space in which I’m procrastinating is sparkling, spacious, and relaxing. I feel like I can breathe in here. A cluttered space reflects a cluttered mind, so now my mind is clutter free. And still, I procrastinate.

So let’s talk about something else. We are LOVING the Mini. It’s zippy. A drive to Jamul or Julian is definitely in order. I have been keeping myself incredibly busy lately. David and I have incorporated hiking into our exercise regime. The gym can get monotonous, so we’re taking it to Cowles Mountain, which is lovely walk. Apparently, that tread climber at the gym is great training for hiking. We got to the top with some welcome perspiration and no aches. The only downside is, I think I need to buy a new pair of shoes, my sneakers weren’t cutting it on the way down — no grip. An interesting side note — a woman in front of us fell hard. When she went down, when her feet surprised her by rising into the air and when her ass met with a hard rock, one word, the one word deracinated from her psyche by the shovel of shock and pain, escaped her lips: “Dang.” Dang??? That’s all you’ve got? BAM, smack on the ground, what the fuck just happened, I was up, now I’m down, and DANG??? I slipped a few weeks ago while hiking the mountain with some girlfriends. I didn’t even fall all the way. Want to know what I said? I’ll give you a hint. Wasn’t “dang.” You can learn a lot about a person by witnessing her in a moment of weakness. Dang. She was stoic.

I have plans for every night this week. But what I really, really want to do is take a night to kick back with a glass of smooth, fruity red, and a bag of microwave popcorn covered in hot sauce (a treat someone recently told me about that I have yet to try) and watch the Planet Earth and Deep Blue Sea DVDs that arrived last week from whence I ordered them. I’ve seen clips of the BBC nature documentary, but I’ve yet to see it in its full splendor on the 70-inch screen in my living room. And I really, really want to. Wah. Maybe tonight — the only semi-free night left open to me lately are Mondays, because I’m working (ahem) so hard. Into the night. Speaking of which. Sigh, I should get back to it. Then, later, when I need to procrastinate a bit again, I’ll post some recent photos. I’m feeling a tad bit stressed. But this is nothing new.

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