August 29, 2002

Shhh Shhh (as sung by Bjork) RIOT!

I must be heartless. Or perhaps, though it is contrary to my career, I’m just not litigious. But COME ON, people. Five MILLION dollars for a 15-year-old cat? Where do you think that money comes from? I understand the pain of losing a pet, I understand the loss and the indignant hurt. But do you really think that’s worth 5-friggin’-million dollars? Come back to reality with me. Great. Welcome home. That’s just absurd.

Alright, so after a few days of inter-continent phone-tag, I finally got to speak with my father this morning! Typhoons in Korea, he’ll call if he’s not going to make the flight this weekend. Why does he have to go there every year during flood season? Shh, important secret military stuff, that’s why. I’m not supposed to tell, so he was right not to ever let me know anything. As I’ve mentioned before, I just get little snippets and comments like, “Barb, what I just saw is just… really fuckin’ cool.” I keep up with shows like Alias and war movies.

It is DEAD this week! Yesterday evening, get this – my cell did not ring. I thought it was broken. I looked at it with a mixture of awe, surprise, betrayal, confusion, and relief in my eyes, I would give it an occasional raised brow as it laid dead by my purse near my leg on the couch at a friend’s house. Wait, Zim called, just back from the boat trip, but still…

Stanton Residence Boys, when you return, hear this! I have invaded your home and made use of your things. Oh yes, those too. And that. Right, found that. Welcome home from Burning Man, hope you had FUN (and oh, how I hope you don’t find that one thing I “used”).

Three-day weekend ahead of us. Memorial Day, is it? What does that mean? Is it a day to remember casualties of war? I just need to look to the left of my desk to see the one I pay homage to, smirking down at me in his ever-famous sarcastic way, underneath his NYFD hat. Smart-ass. This weekend’s dedicated to you, Jeffrey. That cinches it! I’m going out ALL weekend. Relaxing week and a half of reading and mellow socializing is over. I’m ready for the party. Hey, isn’t Bunky playing tomorrow night at the Bee Hive for FREE!?


HA! I knew it! Little mid-day addition here… recently I had to explain my “Barbarisms” to someone. See, I thought the word itself was a Barbarism, a play on my name, a word that isn’t really used anywhere else. So I did some digging, and I deracinated THIS !! Perfect. Not only is it a word, but there’s a definition for MY use of it, minus the icing on the cake – my name as derivative. Beautiful.

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