May 5, 2011

The Latest

First off, my latest Stepping Out Segment on NBC San Diego News in the Morning can be viewed right here:

View more videos at:

My most recent column is called MAYORAL MALTREATMENT, about how I tortured the poor Mayor of Coronado. He’s such a great sport! My NEW segment on NBC’s channel, California Nonstop aired last night (the channel is having a “soft launch,” but once it goes hard, so will I. More on that soon.

In the meantime, things are changing a bit over at the Reader, and I’ll be blogging on-the-go, several times a day, right here, on my READER BLOG.

Oh! And TEDxAFC is sold out. But you can watch it streaming online, link coming soon (if it’s not on the site there). More on EVERYTHING soon. Check my Reader Blog for more recent updates, and of course, as always, catch me on Twitter and Facebook (links to the right there). Thanks for checking in!

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