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Children, children everywhere

For the fourth year in a row, the San Diego Museum Council and Time Warner Cable present “Kids Free in October,” which means kids under 12 have a free pass (more specifically, two kids per each

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And the Emmy Goes To…

David and I got into the car, fastened our seatbelts, and just sat there for a second. I turned in my seat to meet David’s eyes. We stared at each other in silence, allowing the surreality

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Old Press, New Press

This week the San Diego Press Club (for which I serve on the board as a director) hosted a cool event in partnership with the historic Dobson’s Restaurant and the 100+ year-old Spreckels Theatre. All kinds

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Tic Tact

I leaned forward to retrieve my phone from my purse and felt a watery trickle making its way down my right nostril. I jerked my head back, sniffed mightily, and smiled a little too wide at

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Before picture phones (Cheech ,sans Chong, and Barb party)

  David sighed as I asked him to scoot out of the way a third time so I could remove another drawer from the chest by the bookshelf in the tiny office we share. “Are you

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The Perfect Crumple (Barb and David Destroy a Book – It’s Art)

Only one edition of the Joy Davidman novel Weeping Bay has ever been printed, and that was in 1950. Sixty-three years later, my husband spent weeks tracking down a copy of the book. After sifting through secondhand bookstores

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Touched by a Lemur

My sister Jane — a bold, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer saleswoman — lives by the adage, “It doesn’t hurt to ask.” Even when she knows a request is unlikely to be granted, she still throws it out there because,

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Weekend Previews

Every once in a while, Barbarella visits KPBS studios to take part in Midday Edition’s Weekend Preview, by offering listeners fun and interesting things to see or do over the coming weekend. Here’s a list of

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Lunar New Year

I was disappointed to see MY year, the year of the Dragon, come to an end this week, but I had a great time inviting the year of the Snake, with the help of the Asian

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Great Balls of Fire!

“How did our solar system form? What are asteroids and comets like – how big are they, what are they made of, are they different? What impact have these space rocks had on our planet and

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