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Dinner by David: Stromboli

Nothing fills me with more comfort-foodie anticipation than David arriving home with a pizza dough ball from Mona Lisa. David tried making his own dough a few times, but it’s a lot of work, and is

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Dinner by David: Fancy-ass Snacks

On occasion, David is inspired to do something different, particularly when fellow foodie friends are coming over. On this particular night, David decided that instead of a big sit-down dinner, it would be nice to relax on the

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Dinner by David: Chicken & Pasta

The story of this dinner begins the previous night, when David, for perhaps the second or third time in ten years, made me something I didn’t like. I tried to pretend it wasn’t terrible. But the vinegar-y

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Dinner by David: Paella

Paella is usually a dish that David enjoys only at restaurants. He gravitates toward the traditional seafood-centric versions. But for a recent dinner party, David prepared a Barb-friendly version of paella at home, one with chicken,

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Dinner by David: White Fish Vera Cruz

White Fish Vera Cruz with rice and broccoli is one of our favorite, go-to dinners at home. David and I have this exact meal at least two nights a week, and we have yet to tire

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