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In the News

So, a few weeks ago David and I went down to Baja for a few days, mostly to scout for arts stories to feature on Art Pulse TV, though I ended up writing a couple of

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Bat Signals

My friends Trisha and Shawn moved to San Diego (from Boston) about a year ago. But because they moved to North County, and I live close to downtown (it’s about a 40-minute drive, 20 when I’m

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Art of East Asia Finally Sees the Light

Beginning February 9, the project that was eight years and around a million dollars in the making is open to the public. At the ceremonial ribbon cutting this morning, San Diego Museum of Art Executive Director

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Chili and Ceramics!

It may only be the 3rd Annual SoNo Park Holiday Fest & CHiLiPALooZA, but Kouta Shimazaki of San Diego Ceramic Connection has been hosting the ceramic-centric chili competition and fundraiser for South Park for 16 years,

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The Pointy Ball Game

David and I were waiting for one of the guys behind the desk to find our room reservation on his monitor when his coworker, looking at me, said, “So, are you excited for the game?” I

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Dr. Sketchy’s at Ruby Room

Barbarella wrote about this fun form of Life Drawing back in 2008, but it wasn’t until this event that she got to experience the fun in person. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School has a great vibe. Artists

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Barbarella scored herself a hand-made ceramic bowl from San Diego Ceramic Connection and then hit up the SoNo Park Holiday Fest and Chilipalooza, where local chefs battle for bragging rights of best chili. Vendors, musicians, and

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Lowrider Amigos

Word to the wise: do NOT try to steal one of those “Amigos” placards hanging in the back of a tricked out lowrider. Barbarella finds out why during this interview with artist and Amigos member Victor

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Tattoo Artist

What’s the oddest request someone’s made for a tattoo? Do tattoo artists have limits? Also, will this guy let Barbarella tattoo her name on is cheek? All of these questions, and more, are addressed when the

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Legoland Master Model Builder

Gary McIntire, one of Legoland’s master model builders, shares some of his most intimate truths with Barbarella, such as what his Lego nightmares are, and how proud he is of his Lego “injury.” Fun fact: this

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