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Film Festivals, Art Exhibitions, All the Things

I don’t even know where to start. For one, I’m super excited. I feel like the last year of hard work with next to zero pay may actually prove to have been time well spent. In

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Beauties and Beasts at MoPA

It was Rosa who suggested we check out the show. At first I was hesitant: I hadn’t been to MoPA in years, and the last few shows I’d seen had been all about the history of

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Tales from the Vineyard Part 2: Exhibition Night

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, what sort of demon are you? Because no human I know could overcome the call of chronology. Demon or not, I’m glad you’re here. Because with all the bright lights

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Tales from the Vineyard Part 1: The Film Premiere

This story begins long before we arrived on the island of Martha’s Vineyard for the world premiere of our latest film, a documentary about artist Heather Neill. Here’s the short version: Ten years ago, for my

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Death of a Darling

‘I don’t say goodbye, that’s all. I’ll just see you when you come back. It’s so much…easier. Ever since I was a little kid, because I was here all winter long and the summer people came,

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A New Stellar Order

I wrote this story about my awesome friend, Melissa Walter. There’s a an artistic universe squeezed into a little gallery space tucked between a residential home and a tattoo parlor on the eastern edge of North

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David and Barbarella Join TAO

I know, I know, it’s been forever! Why don’t you call, you wonder. Where have you been, you ask. If you happen to be on Facebook, you already know bits and pieces, but regardless, I’m here

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The Perfect Crumple (Barb and David Destroy a Book – It’s Art)

Only one edition of the Joy Davidman novel Weeping Bay has ever been printed, and that was in 1950. Sixty-three years later, my husband spent weeks tracking down a copy of the book. After sifting through secondhand bookstores

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Diva Las Vegas

I found myself hesitating when a friend asked where David and I were going for our mini vacation. I finally responded in the least declarative way possible: “Vegas?” “Vegas? Why Vegas?” She looked like she was

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Into Mexico

Sometimes I forget that a mere 15 miles away from downtown San Diego is a-whole-nother country, with its own customs and laws that, despite their close proximity to America, are light years away from those to

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