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Fun at the Fleet

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center had a little soiree to celebrate the opening of Let it Snow (which turned out to be trippy, nineties-style kaleidoscopic 3D graphics set to holiday tunes).

I brought two token children (my nieces Bella and Olivia), along with my sister Jane (who, it could be argued, could count as a third child). The kids absolutely loved the crude-as-it-is-educational Grossology exhibit, which is having its second run at the Fleet. This one goes away January 1, so you have about a month left to catch it.


Proving the point that big girls can have just as much fun as little ones, my sister got competitive while playing a gross-out quiz upstairs while Jodi Kodesh (mother of two and meteorologist among other things for NBC7) laughed herself silly in the Hurricane Machine.

Speaking of weather, my niece Olivia thought she could control the tornado machine using only her mind muscles.


Here’s a shot of Bella playing “Urine: the Game.”


Olivia learns what happens when food goes in her mouth and into her belly.


Bella, too, gets her turn in the Hurricane Machine:


The kids had such a great time playing (and inadvertently learning) that they begged to return within the week. I can’t help but think how much fun my nephews (who like gross stuff almost as much as my nieces) will revel in the science playground.

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