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Moving On



David and I are on our way out in a few minutes to check out the place we’re thinking about moving into. It’s contemporary, modern, suits our taste, but we need to stand inside and see if it’ll work. Will the bed frame fit in that room, will I have enough room for an office over there. It’ll be about half the size of the condo we’ve been living in. The short sale is nearing completion, and soon we’ll have to begin packing. Whether or not this happens before, or after our trip back east in July remains to be seen. As if we didn’t have enough going on already.

I’m hoping we fall in love with this new space. I need something to work toward. I need to keep my eyes ahead of me, rather than focusing on all the things I’m leaving behind. Fortunately, I’ve been way too busy to do much wallowing. Back-to-back interviews, film editing, events, it’s all fun and it keeps me occupied. And distracted. Double win.

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