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Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather Contest!

Date: Saturday 23 August 2014

Time: 06:00pm

On my list of Favorite Things Ever, you’ll find “microphone” and “leather corset” pretty close to the top. Right around “red lipstick” and “a note-taking device of some sort.” Rare is the opportunity I get to have more than one item on my list at once.

But very soon, you can see me with BOTH as I help emcee this year’s Mr and Ms San Diego Leather Contest!┬áThe event runs most of the weekend, but the actual contest is Saturday night, beginning at 6 p.m.


The judging panel features some very esteemed veterans, such as the first International Ms and Mr Leather winners, and I have the honor of sharing the stage with San Diego’s own Knight of Leather 2005, AJ (aka Ajax the Red). This is a weekend you won’t want to miss. Check the link above for the full schedule.




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