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A Scientist and an Artist walk into a bar…

Start Date: 09 March 2017

End Date: 09 March 2017

Time: 06:00pm

Well, it used to be, “Two scientists walk into a bar,” but the Fleet Science Center is shaking things up this time around, by inviting artists to join in the casual but stimulating bar talk all around San Diego. And one of the artists is David! He went to the orientation last night, where he ran into our friends and fellow artists Larry and Debby Kline, and Melissa Walter.

Apparently, Larry and Debby will be art-talking together, so David picked up an extra button for me so we could follow suit, though at a different bar. The entire line up is on the Fleet Science Center link above, but WE’LL be at Panama 66. It says from 6 to 8pm, but you all know how I am about time. I’ll be there at like 5.

So come out and say hello, and talk to us about art, science, and life!


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